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SUNRUNNER: (Heavy/Prog/E.U.A)

21 de julho de 2016

The Band is from the city of Portland, United States of America.They play  heavy metal and prog rock  style, they will be in Brazil to promote their third album.


David Joy (bass and vocals) Joe Martignetti (electric and acoustic guitar, bouzouki, flute, vocals) Ted MacInnes (drums, percussion, vocals).

Entrevista com  SUNRUNNER: (Heavy/Prog/E.U.A) - Entrevistas - Arrepio Produções - Patos de Minas/MG

Heliodromus was released in september of 2015, how has been the reaction of the public with this new work?

Joe Martignetti - The reaction has been fantastic! Mostly positive too! And what people are saying about it tells me people have actually listened. People are able to pick out certain  our influences, they can hear what we listen to. Sometimes what people say is surprising, but what’s even more surprising is how accurate they can be. And then to be positive about the
record after such great analysis. We are happy with the outcome so far.

How was the composition process of Heliodromus?

Joe - The way we work is still the same since the beginning.  Most of the songs are preconceived by one of us. The ideas are brought to rehearsal. Then we fill in the blanks by jamming out ideas. When I write, for example, I like to get as much of a song complete as possible. Any moment of hesitation or any blocks in the process, I leave it be. Leave it blank on
purpose because maybe Ted or Dave will have a better idea than me. Sometimes a song just needs a simple transition, sometimes a bridge, or sometimes it needs many parts or a key change or whatever. I like to do as much as I can because I really enjoy writing music. But I like it when the others get involved because they suggest an idea I never would have thought of! So I bring in a song that’s anywhere from 50% to 90% complete, then we work as a team to finish it up.

Which are the maily influences that you look for the themes of the band’s songs?

Joe - Themes….well, I personally am fascinated with Nature and the Universe. But also history, reality, the human condition, adventure is a big one actually. The idea of grand adventure to accomplish your mission here in this world, and all the obstacles one has to overcome. Fulfilling individual purpose. If we we’re all able to follow our dreams and fulfill our purpose, I have a feeling we would have a more peaceful world. There is a bit of fantasy involved, not much though….that is mostly in the imagery.

Which are the mainly influences of the band?

Joe - We all listen to quite a lot of different types of music. I think we can all agree that Black Sabbath is a major influence. Also Iron Maiden. To an extent Rush as well, but Ted is not as big a Rush fan as Dave and myself. Beyond that, we listen to wide variety of stuff! I think, for the most part, we can appreciate each others musical taste. Myself, for example, I am a huge fan of European metal. Mostly power, doom and speed metal. I like some death and black metal,
mostly the bands I grew up with. Also, I grew up listening to my dad’s records which included a lot of prog rock. Yes, Genesis, ELP, Gentle Giant etc.  I also like quite a bit of world music.Especially Bolivian/ Peruvian pan pipe music, Scandinavian folk, and the gypsy influence on Mediterranean countries such as Greece. I like music from around the world because it shows you how big and diverse this planet really is. It is humbling but gives me a sense of adventure.
I also like some bossa nova, flamenco, just all kinds of stuff really. Ted is big into classic rock and jazz. Dave is big into 90’s American bands like Kyuss, Soundgarden, Faith No More. I can’treally speak for those guys entirely though. But I know we can all agree Black Sabbath is the best!

Entrevista com  SUNRUNNER: (Heavy/Prog/E.U.A) - Entrevistas - Arrepio Produções - Patos de Minas/MG

You guys Will come to do a tour in Brazil with four dates in August in this year.What you guys are thinking about it? What is the expectative you guys are waiting for?

Joe -Well, we know Brazilians are great and crazy fans of rock and metal! We are VERY excited to tour there! I don’t like to have too many expectations personally. Whatever will be will be.But I do hope to just have a great time! I hope people will except us as a 3 piece band. I have a feeling it is going to be an amazing experience. And most of all we want to meet some fans build a relationship with the people of Brazil.  We want to have Brazil be a place we visit on every tour!

After the shows on Brazil and the tour starting in the South America, which are the   following plans of the tour? Do you guys plan to do more shows in another countries of South America or would you like to go straight to another continent?

Joe -Actually, we are finishing up promoting ‘Heliodromus’ with these shows. We have a few more here in the States, but that’s it. It has been almost a year now, so it is time to get back in the studio. We have many songs written already. And they are some of the best things I have ever written. I can’t wait to record with this line up as 3 instead of 5. Yeah, going to have to overdub some guitar harmonies, but there is something about having less people in the band. It sounds heavier somehow. Dave’s bass is louder and more growly….I don’t know, I’m very excited that it is back to the core band again. We have never recorded an album as a trio even though the 3 of us are the creators of the band. So, I am very excited about it.

After this new tour, Will you release any kind of official live material of the band?

Joe - Well, we are going to record all the shows on audio. So as long as we play o.k. and the crowd has a great time, than yes. We will release a live album from Brazil! So please, everyone go nuts!!!

To finish, would you guys like to leave a mensage to your brazilian fans?

Joe - First, we would like to thank you for listening! Brazil has been such a responsive country.Many reviews and interviews and messages from people. It is great to know that we have some fans there. Also, we really just can’t wait to talk with you, share some beers and have a great time! And again, please sing along and go crazy at the shows because, if all goes according to plan, this will be our 1 st live c.d. to be released! O.K. thank you all so much! 
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